Main areas of our focus

Providing skills to the less-privileged talented women.

We invest in skill acquisition which will ensure self-employment, create diverse job opportunities, create employment generation, and ensure prostitution and abuse of girl-child is reduced.

Reconciling the ex-convicts to the society

The establishment of workshop and rehabilitating centres was decided upon after considering the ravaging and psychological effects of the prison yards to the ex-convicts and within our community.

Bring out the potentials on the physical challenged

Children are the most vulnerable and oftentimes stigmatized when they are physically challenged. Few questions comes to mind because of this stark reality: will they be allowed to die begging for food, or go to school? Be trafficked into slavery and or for organ harvesting, or live a free people?

Human rights and education to expose the youths to always be law abiding

Community Based Organisations which is geared towards educating those who are illiterates and are prone the contacting diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. Providing basic education to the poor and less-privileged Ghanaians and Northern Nigerians wherever we find them.

This is our story

Nonprofits continue to evolve in the face of social change, according to the late Jimmie Alford, founder of The Alford Group, a consulting firm for nonprofits. Hallmark Hope Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for disadvantaged Ghanians and Nigerians



Presently, we are in two countries, Ghana where we conceived the idea of establishing this Foundation and Northern Nigeria where one of the founders hail from..



We have enrolled 4 Kids in different schools and we are sponsoring them up to Tertiary Education. Secondly, there is workshop and rehabilitation ongoing for 5 ex-convicts and we hope to add more people when we have more funding.



We have volunteers in Ghana and Nigeria. And new volunteers are joining us monthly for this noble and just-course, however, as new volunteers are joining, we need funding to execute more projects..


Our future projects are encapsulated into: The re-education of the street-children, identification and empowering the talented but needy, Sex education for girl-child and Youth entrepreneurship education

Future Projects

Rehabilitation of Ex-Convicts


We are holding workshops, training and rehabilitation programs to get ex-convicts integrated back to the society.

Many Kids Goes To School


We have enrolled 4 Kids in different schools and we are sponsoring them up to Tertiary Education.


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